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An incredibly thick penis. Because of the extreme thickness, there are no condoms that can contain this massively wide unit. In order to have intercourse, one must wiggle their dick like a worm for several minutes to burrow in even the loosest of vaginas.
Did you see Philip's girth worm? It was huge!
by Flip Flossy June 28, 2012
The male reproductive organ. A penis. Protein shooter. The dangly thing between your legs other than your balls.
"Dude she totally wants my girth worm."
"my girth worm is shriveled."
"who put dirt on my girth worm?"
"my girth worm got scared when i saw her gunt."
"the early girth worm gets the bird"
"my girth worm looks like your mom."
by kyle boredperson April 09, 2008
Dead penis.
Dude, look at that girth worm. It looks like it crawled out of a steak brain!
by vealteen March 14, 2010
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