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To grab a straw with your tongue before sucking your drink up. Usually in a revolting manner.
Person A- Oh my god that is so nasty. Look at the way Amy giraffed that Pepsi!
Person B- I'm not even thirsty anymore.
#giraffe #giraffed #gross #ew #weird
by fudgepopper November 04, 2010
Is when a male who is 6'2 or taller, finds a way to the females mouth from standing behind her while dancing. The male somehow loops his head around the females body, like a giraffe would, to meet her lips.
"Did you see Aubrey get kissed by that random stranger last night?" "Yea he just looped his face around to meet her lips. She definitely got Giraffed"
#giraffe #giraffed #kiss #men #tall #dancing
by Trayvillain December 03, 2013
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