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Some of the hardest f*cken biscuits you could ever sink your teeth into.

Made by Griffin's Foods, a New Zealand based food company.
"WTF? These gingernuts are harder than my c*ck"
by Mad-Season August 11, 2009
An offensive name of red, pubic haired people. They have red pubic hair on their nutsacks or vagina. Or their both thing.

Syn. Fire crotch
"Did you see that porno?"
"Yeah, that guy totally had some ginger nuts."
by Gingery Snicket July 07, 2009
A cookie;
Also someone with red or 'ginger' hair;

See gingernut
You bloody ginger nut!
by Anon September 15, 2003
1. Excalmation

2. To "give some one a gingernut" often means "have sex with"

3. To "have a gingernut" means to "chill out" or "relax"

4. Used in a friendly greeting

5. Used to replace a swearword

6. A type of biscuit (which does not, in fact, contain any nuts)
1. "Holy gingernut!"

2. "Cor she is hot"
"Yeah I'd give her a gingernut"

3. "Chill out, have a gingernut and drop the gun"

4. "Hey wassup?"
"Hey fancy a gingernut?"

5. "I'm Gingerutting Gingernutted off at the moment, and I feel like Gingernut"

6. "This is one tasty gingernut"
by Leo Humphries May 21, 2006
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