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when a persons nipples are abnormally red and are very pointy resembling a "ginger snap"
yeah bro those are total ginger snaps!
by buttwholeburns May 04, 2011
Hand job from a red head
That woman from the Wendy's ads must give a great ginger snap.
by Breezewardlycos November 13, 2013
An irresistibly erotic sexpot red headed man, who is incredibly hot and also has a personality that drops panties. This red particular breed of red headed man has both a genuine personality, and a smoking hot bod; a true hunk. Once reaching his full potential, he can cause female orgasm by a mere look/facial expression.
girl 1: "Oh daymn, look at that flaming hot gingersnap!"
girl 2: "Back off bitch, that hot piece of ass is mine!"
girl 3: "Oh! I think I just came in my pants"
by ItsSugarTitsBaby December 21, 2011
Anything sexually related with a readhead.
I'd love to get some gingersnap from Nicole Kidman.
by CCcottonball December 16, 2008
The act of breaking any digit, genital, or limb of a red-headed person during sexual intercourse.

Named for the sound that accompanies the act.
“I ginger snapped Ginny last night: luckily I remembered Reparo!”

“Hermione ginger-snapped poor Ron after jerking to the side a bit too quickly: the poor bugger’s going to need some magical phalloplasty.”
by El Chingador February 25, 2014
When a redheaded person gets upset. Usually without a cause normal persons would interpret as reasonable.

In the UK a redheaded person is often called a ginger (negative connotation).
(1) Oh don't worry about him, he's just Gingersnapping.

(2) The Pearce boy totally Gingersnapped yesterday when I told him there was no butter for eggs benedict and we would have waffles instead.
by RedBird friend March 31, 2012
Two young emo "lesbian" high school girls that make out at school dances because they think it is rebellious
Hey look two Gingersnaps.

Those Gingersnaps sure a going at it.
by kemster1234 January 21, 2010