Hardcore clubbing whore. Talks loudly. From an European background. Plasters on orange consealor, applys white cover up to lips. Chills on "Gino hill" in Canadas Wonderland then goes to Timmies in her boy friends civic.
Known to say;
"I wear tight azz parasuco jeanz,and lil belly topz,and im not taller then my boyfriend,
I live in Brampton,and i know solid guyz in woodbridge,
I go to colossus at least 2 timez a week,
and i drive my daddyz GSR!!!
i dont know anything about anything, but im certain that im good.
I wear adidaz/nike shoez almost everywhere i go.
i believe in everything tight at clubz,not baggy shit
i wear DIESEL.........not FUBU
i wear my clubgear everywhere i go.
im a loud mouth and not afraid to admit it, and yez my boyfriend wearz flarez and spendz more time on hiz hair then i do.
ginaz are the solidest brawdz,the FIRST ones to point out that some1 iz brutal..and the BEST dressed regardlezz of where they go.
And i pronounce it "All kynz", not "all kinds" when asked "were there any solid guyz at the club?"
I can proudly show dat im a gina by sitting in the front seat of my boyfriendz civic
acting like a prissy hoe iz mandatory
going to coffee shopz IZ a daily occurance.
our music iz,dance,freestyle,techno,tran ce,house and EURO
and stevie b IZ the best of all freestylerz.
Z-103.5 iz our station
and yez we use GLOWSTICKZ when we dance 2 our music
GINAZ are the sexiest bitchez
the FIRST chickz to start a catfight
and the BEST of brampton

"EvErY GiNa NeEdS a GiNo"

"LoVe Me? MiNt
HaTe Me? EvEn B3tTer
GuE$s WhAt? I g33v3 largely"

Geeve- Pronounced Gu-E-Ve
by Amanda Sasso August 02, 2006
Another word for 'VaGina'
Or Whitney's best friend...

She likes german accents and calls everyone vaGina (va-geena)
-You fucking vagina!
--Dude, that was totally a Gina!
by underscroed_69 April 23, 2009
slang for the club drug GHB. highly dangerous when mixed with alcohol.
I was looking for Tina at the club, but all I found was Gina.
by jetsam June 17, 2005
slang term for vagina

shorter version of vagina

Your name's Gina?

by 40, year, old, virgin, gina February 09, 2009
Meaning stalker
'That girls a rite gina'
by bavo October 14, 2009
Someone who acts in a manor that calls for making fun of. Typically has lack of balls and acts like a female. Not to be confused with Homosexuals.
That dude last night was such a Gina. I wish that we would of beat his a$$.
by NICKAPLEZ March 25, 2009
It's slang in the hood for slut or hoe

1. A skank
2. A woman that is too loose in the booty.
3. Woman or man that fuck anything with two legs.
4. A promiscuous person.syn: slut
" i saw this girl she was such a gina with that skirt"

" you cant turn a gina into a housewife"
by Steve Moral February 13, 2010

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