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The cute form of gimp. Used on things that are so ugly that they're cute.
"That baby is so gimples!"
by Caleb Lawson September 17, 2006
someone who is both a gimp and a cripple.
that girl looks HELLA gimpled!
by Foobear February 14, 2004
A specific type of pimple located within the gum/cheek area of the mouth that is extremely difficult to deflate at times. This pimple is filled with liquid and its usual habitat is the farthest regions of the inner cheek way in the back where no man has ever laid eye upon.
The annoying Gimple located behind my wisdom tooth took me 10 minutes of struggling to pop. Gimples are an extremely annoying specimen to have in the mouth.
by Sagex0x December 30, 2010
A gapped pimple; a pimple with a gap in it.
"You have a gross gimple on your chin!"
"Aren't you going to squeeze that gimple?"
by Pogmotoin March 02, 2009

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