A man who takes care of his women in and out of the bedroom, by being well endowed and well financed. Like dating a football player with Einstein's brain, Dennis Miller's wit, endurance of a bull and sexual skills that rival a porn star.
Ryan just fucked me and I came 3 times before he finally came himself. He's such a gimbo.
by Looking4Gimbo February 04, 2010
Adj. A guy with just a pretty face, a guy bimbo.
Girl 1: "This boy is so pretty"
Girl 2: "Yeah, he's such a Gimbo."

Take a look at that Gimbo!
by hayako January 03, 2009
A person generally unaware of the world around them. Like a space cadet but of lower intellect.
Celebrity Gimbo -Napolean Dynamite
by Mr. Schwitzy November 14, 2008
A Man Who Resembles A Monkey
Person #1 - OMG I He Looks Like A Right Monkey.
Person #2 - Correction The Term Is Gimbo.
by fatbellabitch October 24, 2008

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