A sexual practice in which a woman demonstrates anal oral sex unto a man while he is urinating.
You fat wizzard you, i heard you got gillian from susan!

Yeah jealous?
by Rimmy rims September 25, 2010
a girl who likes to unicycle and joined the wrestling team ands she got POUNDED ..but she survived, and we all loive her greatly
Gillian failed religion.
by ewelina September 29, 2005
a gossiping valley girl; pathetic in every way; with the suffix spiers, a lesbian; in referance to boys, a flamboyant and obsessive video-game player
You're such a gillian!
by Ron Deward January 03, 2008
the incorrect way of spelling "Jillian".
my sister's name is Jillian, if you spell it Gillian she will cut you.
by juliaonthemoon February 02, 2009

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