She is a person, that enjoys chocolate and Charles Dickens. Her drug is starburst jellybabies.

When she wakes up, she goes back to sleep. IT'S TRUE!
She likes Darren. And not just any Darren. DARREN CRISS.

(I don't though)
'Hey, look at her reading Little Dorrit and eating chocolate!'
'Must be a Gillian.'
by BANJOS are my life June 21, 2012
wonderful, smart, funny and fun to be around, beautiful, skinny, loves famous looking guys like Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt. Will be famous one day! Has a pair of pilgrim shoes that just wont die! call arthur! No Problemo. Icecream in Flordia and walking on the long beach. Plays paper football in art class. Dont you ever piss in your G/f's panties? Can talk to and tell her anything. Half British and Egyptian. Loves to gossip! She is a great best friend!
I dont know how i could survive the last 3 years without Gillian S by my side!!
by janet hguolc July 19, 2004
A stocky, pretty girl with big muscles. Stronger then almost every girl she knows. Works out daily lifting 50 pound weights. Her muscles get bigger every time you see them.
That girl is very pretty.

Yeah, she's also really strong so she must be a Gillian.
by buffgirlz December 10, 2011
The process of laughing while wearing obnoxious bows
At the performance i gillianed when the actor made a joke
by matttherhino April 22, 2013
Very fun person to be around. Everyone enjoys her company and she is a beautiful person. Her ears smell bad, but thats okay because she is still loved.
I love Gillian so much! Just don't go near her ears.
by gootastic5 December 30, 2011
A stupid butthole. She will leave her boyfriend at the drop of a hat for someone she thinks is hotter. Pretends she cares about others feelings but doesn't. Rude.
Wow, she's being such a Gillian right now.
by buttmaster696969696969 February 11, 2014
A self-centered, vain, bossy, annoying bitch who has teeth in her vagina.
Dude she is such a Gillian.
by littlered234 August 11, 2011

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