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Ginger I'd like to kill. Taken from the saying 'milf - mum i'd like to fuck'
'Urghh I hate Jess! She is such a backstabbing Gilk!'
by Elly R March 19, 2010
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an alcoholic beverage, typically in double shot size, that consists of 1 part gin and 1 part milk. the milk is given in a rocks glass, the gin in a shot glass. to shoot, one must pour the gin into the milk and take down immediately.
"dude, you're late for work again. screw it, let's just stay home and take gilk shots all day!"
by maadmardigan March 30, 2010
A Milkman who is of German decent. (aka a German milkman)
Oh look it's a Gilk.
by ber_ice17 August 16, 2009
some one who has a limp, foams at the mouth, and is so retarted the only words they know are Der Der Der
Do you know jimmy, he is such a gilk
by Phil Ballin January 31, 2008
Grandma I'd like to kill
That is one GILK I wish was dead!
by genexit May 15, 2010
Acronym: Giant Inflatable Lawn Krap
My neighbor has his yard full of ugly-ass Gilk - go get the BB gun
by couchonroof October 04, 2006
a way to say: i went to the story to go get some milk
hey carly, store gilk!!!
by The shiznit!!! December 15, 2004

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