Is a person who is amazing at kicking balls over fences. He's a very clingy person and is sometimes very awkward
Omg he's such a Gilbert
by Anonymous192837456 November 21, 2012
A Manatee
Damn why does Gilbert look like such a manatee?
by Kc9997 June 07, 2014
The smallest town with the biggest trees.
person 1: "It smell like somebody just blasted a L."
person 2: "Yeah, we just passed Gilberts. Lot people burnin' green over there."
by Can Ox April 06, 2008
The shittiest city with the worst kids in Arizona
"Hey did you hear about that trash city in Arizona"
"What? Gilbert?"
by gratyuble June 08, 2014
Thinks he is a ladies man.. reality says he cock blocks like a defensive lineman and is always missing when its his round.. classic south african.
jealous when anyone he knows (apart from him) talks to a girl.
Lad 1: Yo man what happened to you and that girl you were talking to.
Lad 2: Oh man i was on the tune, waiting for the next blokes round, he comes back, no beers and steals the girl.
Lad 1: man thats classic gilbert antics.
Lad 2: Ain't that the truth.
by aaron previte October 21, 2011
Double booking yourself - especially with regards to social events and boozing - taken from that Gilbert Grape film
Mate A: Where's Fred, he said he'd be here
Mate B: Really, he told me he's staying in with the misses
Mate A: Why is he always doing a Gilbert?
by SilverHornet June 22, 2010
A small town in Northern Minnesota where its pretty straight up gangsta.
So where u live?
In Gilbert.
by Silvercougar April 28, 2009

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