For people who don't like the name Grizwald and refuse to use it. Also comes in handy to yell at people.
- Gilbert, get over here, BAD DOG.
#gilbert #grizwald #dog #stupid #grizzy
by ohmyjesusbazookas May 14, 2007
A common nickname for kids from Minnesota. Not to be confused with the word Gildo although both go hand in hand. Typically Gilberts cannot pronounce common words like nickel and they often sound like they are saying neckle due to a Northern accent.
Kenny: Gilbert can I borrow a nickel for the pop machine?

Gilbert: Sure mate, I have a neckle I can spare. Let me go in my pocket and get you one.
#gildo #minnesota #neckle #douche #foreigner
by madduxsp April 15, 2009
gilbert a Hampshire name for a bogey, booger or snot hanging off of a person's nose
"John, you've got a big gilbert hanging off your nose"
#gilby #snot #dewdrop #bogey #booger
by Alfie Nokes December 04, 2006
A stupid-ass-mothafucka with an armycut who doesnt get any panoche and is a homo
Damn Gilbert look at that sweet panoch

Gilbert School is gay, but you would know all about that cause your homo.
#gilbert #damn #panoche #homo #armycut
by fuckyougilbert January 26, 2011
colloqiual term refferening to the male genitalia derrived form the oddly shaped penis in the art work of Gilbert and George.
Becky says: " always check the gilbert before commiting."
#penis #willy #schlong #trouser-snake #wedding-tackle #beef-bayonet
by Lonely lamb June 16, 2007
a dude who goes to a high school in the bronx ,we used to call him gaybert yea hes a real duche!
Yo Gilbert is such a gilbert.
#gay #loser #. muffins #ass #bored
by a person 1 December 12, 2008
a freak who goes to buena park high
also used to call someone a faggot, turtle, pidgeon, martian, or other (alien)
usually has an egg shaped head or chode
smells like onions/garlic (actually sweats it)
usually can be spotted with cum shot on forehead
"shut up gil"

"beep bop"

"martin is such a gilbert"

"omg if i looked like gilbert, I'd kill myself"\

"do you know gilbert?"
"you mean that guy that smells like onions?"
#gilbert #gil #alien #pidgeon #martian #turtle
by Martin Steezfactor January 12, 2008
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