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In Winsted, it is the only high school that actually belongs to the damn town. There is another, better school in Winsted, but raggies aren't allowed in. Gilbert is your basic hole of hell, where there are some cool people but enough gay ass regulations and retards and not enough money to separate "us" from "them." It isn't the worst school in America, but it's up there. So far, nobody has been stabbed in school. Oh, and the Gilbert Yellowjackets suck at everything. Especially Football. People who go to Gilbert range from awesome to total douchebag.
Punk-ass prep from Nwew Hartford: You go to Gilbert School? Eww, I need to wash my hands!

Gilbertian: "SHAZAM!" *kicks the prep*
by Fartlick Nutsniffer August 20, 2008

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