1.Busy; always has something to do; errands etc.
2.To have that Good good; greenery, kush, vagina, pussy and pills, having things.

1.To not use a government name; not using real name.

1.Ratchett, bust down, bum, money hungry, lazy etc.
Guy #1: "There go Gigi"... brief pause.
Guy #2: "Yea, I need to holla at Gigi"

Guy #1: "See if she got that Good good!"
Guy #2: left... Went to talk to Gigi

Guy #2:"When we gone get up again?"
Gigi:<rushes to car>"I have to go hit me up later", aknowledges Guy #1. "I got you in a bit"

Guy #1:"There Gigi go again mann"
by Gigi Ette January 05, 2013
when someone meets a person for the first time and for the next couple of days cant stop thinking or talking about her or him.
when nick met molly the first time he couldnt stop thinking or talking about her to his friends for the next three days giving him the gigis.
by The gigis creator April 11, 2011
Another name for Grandmother. Nickname for a girl named Gina.
Hi Gigi, can I have a cookie?

Gigi, can you go out to lunch with me?
by Gigi Mama May 10, 2010
Orginally developed by Henry DuFort and Anthony Roggio, gigi is an acronym for God it, good it. Basically it mean to get something and then conceptually understand it. Gigi later evolved into gigigi, which means: get it, got it, good it. This new acronym means the same as the older one, it’s just more explicit.
"I win, gigi!"
"You're ghey, gigigi."
by UBT December 07, 2004
The name of your girlfriend when you put your public business on the internet.
All of my internet buddies think my girlfriend's name is Gigi.
by the Little Kid June 12, 2006
Sister, I got my gigi caught in my zipper!

Children, stop laughing.

Let us say a prayer to St. Sebastian, while I call Father to take care of everything,
by Wyeth October 03, 2009
Gigi is a BITCH! She is so annoying and when she refuses to get called anything else, that is when you know that's ou have met the worst person in your life! Never trust a gigi, she will always betray you so that she can be on top. If a gigi doesn't get her way, she will put on a crying act to get sympathy!
(Girls)-OH NO! Gigi is coming over! (Gigi)-You bitches, get out of the way!
by God's Eye 💠 March 27, 2015

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