A group of 5 or more suburban stereotypical white teenage girls.
I was in Orange County and I saw a Giggle walk out of a local Starbucks.
by Hoothoot May 28, 2015
A giggle is a vibrating smile, not laughter at all
She giggled at the thought this will be seen by another asshole.
by A_Hole April 08, 2015
A theoretical name for the k2 smoking herb blend that was rejected. The name would be so lame that it would be like bowling with the bumpers up.
"I know let's call it Giggles!"

"HAHAHA NO. Dude that is like bowling with the bumpers up!"
by Bassmint Beats August 08, 2009
A cute chipmunk in Happy Tree Friends
The Fall Out Boy (Carpal Tunnel of Love) Giggles got stabbed in the face with a pole (No Lying!)
by Flippydaslasher October 30, 2007
The nic-name for giles. If you use this out of turn you will blow up. Never written with a capital unless it is ALL in capital.
Random person: hey Giles.
Giles: it's giggles fooool.
by GIGGLES March 05, 2005
commonly referred to as 'goggles',they can be used to save your best friend from "drowning". used to aid in seeing underwater. possibly crappy if price is under $5 and from the dollar store so buy them at Wal-Mart so they will be of the highest quality. if they leak, water will most commonly go into your right eye.
Fred threw my giggles into the pool!!
by Milli Rillows Movies April 23, 2008
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