commonly referred to as 'goggles',they can be used to save your best friend from "drowning". used to aid in seeing underwater. possibly crappy if price is under $5 and from the dollar store so buy them at Wal-Mart so they will be of the highest quality. if they leak, water will most commonly go into your right eye.
Fred threw my giggles into the pool!!
by Milli Rillows Movies April 23, 2008
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to google nonchalantly
I giggled and GISed for winnebago man's demise.
by Yugdesiral June 03, 2005
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Using Google to search for web sites with jokes, funny images or otherwise amusing and laughable content
- Look what I just Giggled.
- Oh man, that site is sooo funny (lol, as they say...)!
by plankspanker February 23, 2009
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A phrase used by Justin Berry far too much.
He's all "Oh Justin giggles!"
by Deft May 01, 2003
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eron's friend co nemisis of kitty the terrible. when paired with eron destruction is eminant
by boss man September 28, 2003
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