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A guitar - especially of the Telecaster variety, which literally is a plank (well, almost anyway)
- Bro', grab your plank, fire up the amp, plug in, and lets jam 'til our fingers bleed!
by plankspanker February 23, 2009
a guitar player
- That plankspanker is awesome, dude!
- Yes, no one can handle a six-string like my guitar hero (add name of your choice...)!
by plankspanker February 23, 2009
a flat-chested woman
- That chick is a real knockout!
- Too bad she didn't grow any knockers...
- Yeah, she's a plank.
by plankspanker February 25, 2009
Using Google to search for web sites with jokes, funny images or otherwise amusing and laughable content
- Look what I just Giggled.
- Oh man, that site is sooo funny (lol, as they say...)!
by plankspanker February 23, 2009

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