gigabytes hard drive
"I bought a 80 gigger PS3"

I bought a PS3 with an 80 gigabytes hard drive
by SnoopDop January 15, 2009
Top Definition
-A ginger that acts like a nigger

-A wigger with red hair
guy1: Dude! theres a gigger working at target.

guy2: No way! thats fuckin hilarious!
guy1: i know, he free-style raps while scanning groceries!"
guy2: haha what a clown
by Hardbodychamp28 December 11, 2009
A ginger whom is a wigger and a nigger. For future refernece, a wigger is a white nigger.
by xxbetchxx June 22, 2011
A wannabe gangster ginger.

It's physically impossible because ginger's don't have souls.
Man, look at that gigger! He's makin a fool out of his punkass!

Damn giggers!
by gingy-giggy-gigger February 14, 2011
a femal version of an erection.
I was so excited I got a gigger.
by ericaeliz1980 December 08, 2011
Some niggardly scumbag streamer on
"Alex Block, why are you such a gigger?"
by 5678bam June 15, 2014
A derogatory term given to only the most niggardly scumbags on the internet.
Wow, Alex, you complain about people using adblock on your website and then admit that you use it yourself? You're a fucking Gigger.
by Sitchblap June 11, 2014
a ginger who's a nigger at will. also, a gay wigger. used to offend.
Erik is just a dumb gigger
by jarzjarnu July 19, 2009
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