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Getting your period. Being "gifted" doesn't take any great talent though. You become gifted when that bitch Mother Nature drops a period on you.

Sorry sugarpie, no sweet stuff tonight: I'm gifted.

Beware i'm gifted, i can legally kill someone
by a,men April 01, 2009
used by those 'in the know' to denote high intelligence and general smart-ass ness
rah, gifted and talented, rah? i went to uni when i was 3, i'm so gifted
by §ª®ª November 06, 2003
Term used to identify individuals with an IQ in the 98th percentile.

Generally taken as a synonym of Genius when it is actually a lesser term (genius denoting an IQ in a narrower percentile).
The Stanford-Binet IQ test is one of the most commonly-administered tests used to determine who is gifted, and who is not; Mensa International requires a score of at least 132 on it to allow a person to join the society.
by PiercisionBass January 25, 2010
An individual or a group in a school with certain intellectual abilities that make him/her special. This is an excellent thing to be.
I'm so glad I'm gifted
by ekxn00 May 25, 2014
used to describe your lovers exceptional abilities in bed.
Sean's girlfriend bragged about how gifted he was.
by Captain Unicorn May 07, 2003
Combination of nice ass and boobs
That Carmen Electra is gifted man! Nice tight ass and boobs
by Drew May 08, 2003
Referes to a person who regularly follows-through on a fart.

To "Gift" someone is to poo whilst farting in someone's house or on their property.

A person who "gifts" is referred to as
"He gifted the front seat of my car!"

"He gave in the hallway whilst wearing a bathtowel"
by carneagemean May 08, 2008

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