When something is awesome but maybe a little scary too
That haunted skateboard just kickflipped itself, son! Shit was ghostbusters.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is straight-up ghostbusters.

The first Ghostbusters movie was aight -- kinda goofy -- but the second was ghostbusters, like literally and figuratively and spiritually, amen.
by eric c March 12, 2013
cops who arrest anyone who is ghost riding thier car at a sideshow
the ghostbusters they the police (lyrics from ghost ride it)
by J.RODRIGUEZ September 05, 2006
There are two types of ghostbuster, both refer to rare achievements during shitting. The first type is when after shitting you look in the toilet, and there is no shit in the bowl, as if you had never taken one. No one knows how this happens, whether it disappears up the U-bend or has been claimed by greater powers is still unclear.

The second type is when after shitting you wipe, and to your amazement, there is no shit on the paper, again as if no excrement had been passed.
Either of these are impressive, but the pinacle is the double ghostbuster, the act of performing both single ghostbusters with a single bowl movement. The average person will never achieve this amazing feat in their lifetime, so if you have write it in your diary, as it will likely never happen again.
Marlon: hey randy, I thought you were taking a shit, flush that down man!
Randy: I didn't need to, it was a ghostbuster.
Marlon: so why isn't there any paper in the bowl?
Randy: you might not believe this, but it was a double!
Marlon: no way!
by gottopoop June 24, 2010
A fictional group of paranormal investigators expert in removal of entities started in 1984 . The team is composed of Peter Venkman , Egon Spengler , Ray Stanz and later the addition of Winston Zeddemore not to forget their pet ghost Slimer and secretary Jeanine Melnitz .

Their adventures can be seen but not limited to :Ghostbusters , Ghostbusters 2 , The real ghostbusters also known as Slimer and the real Ghostbusters animated serie , The real Ghostbusters comic books and magazines and also a panoply of arcade and video games for PC and home video game systems .

Their equipments are mainly : Proton pack , Ghost traps , P.K.E. Meter .

Their vehicles of choise is the famous ectomobile called theEcto 1 the renamed Ecto1 a for the second installment of their movie Ghostbusters II .

Also those vehicles can be seen in their adventures : ecto 2 also known as the ecto-copter , ecto 3 either a mono-motorcycle with side car , ecto bomber and in the comic vertion , the ecto 4 and finally the ecto 8 thug boat .

Not only the Ghostbusters bust ghosts but all kind of paranormal phenomenon like Demons , holiday ghosts , spirits of all sorts.
Who you gonna call ? Ghostbusters .

Ghostbusters , paranormal investigators .
by P.A. 037 February 06, 2010
When A Police officer Pulls An Individual Over For "Ghost Riding The Whip" He/She Is Referd To As A GhostBuster
"Aw , They Pulled him Over For Ghost Riding the Whip?" "Yea, They Some GhostBusters
by Jameezy July 28, 2006
A Black female who would rather date and have sex with a White male than a Black male.

Everybody knows what a Nightrider is like Audra W. but what would you call the total opposite who likes white guys?

Who Ya Gonna Call? GHOSTBUSTER!...Yeah she would be called a Ghostbuster.
by MIREE March 22, 2011
Someone who has sex with a very white female, to where they are practically albino.
That girl is hella white! You hooked up with her last night your considered a ghostbuster.
by Martin Jr August 31, 2008

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