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The act of you and your boys fucking a chick doggie style in the dark, while they never know its different people.
Yo, me, Will and Jordan ran the ghost train on some bitch last night! She never knew what it her!
by gangbangingskanks September 21, 2010
12 6
Layin' down some spooge on a chicks braces
I gave her a ghost train
by blsd33p September 07, 2009
7 6
regrettable and unappealing composition of people:
If you arrive at a hangout after the hip crowd has moved on to greener pastures, the scenery you get to see is ghost-train like: You are confronted with the poor rejects that haven't been picked up to spend the night with someone.
I stumbled into to Jimmy's Rock House at 5 a.m. but it was completely ghost train.
by Bahuna January 26, 2008
3 10