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1. Flatulence, or as the youngsters of today call it, a "fart." This is a natural expulsion of gases through the rectum which can often be thought of as humorous, embarrassing, and -- if your into that -- even erotic. 2. A paranormal entity either living inside your ass or having been expelled through the rectum during the bathroom process known as pooping, crapping, or shitting, these can often cause problems such as unnecessarily vomit-inducing smell or a streak in the underpants. Be cautious and consult your neighborhood exorcist. 3. You feel the need to poop and go to the bathroom, but as soon as you sit down, nothing will come out except a fart (loudness, duration, and wetness will vary).

Peter: *farts loudly*
Jane: Eww! did you just fart? That's disgusting.
Peter: No, I just let out a Ghost of the Shits. I think it's pretty funny.

There is a Ghost of the Shits in the bathroom and he keeps making fun of my tiny dick. Please make him stop.

Brian: Oh God, it was just a Ghost of the Shits.

Chris: You mean we had to stop at the bathroom for nothing?

Brian: I seriously thought I had to go, but I guess not.
by UncreativeUsername June 08, 2014

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