A kind of sexual perversion when one experiences severe pleasure in having sex with semi-decayed aborted ratlings covered with man's excrement.
Oh my god, i ghaletuled all day long yesterday and it was so delightful!
by He Who Knows All October 21, 2003
Top Definition
a debilitating disease where your penis shrinks in size, eventually falling off or disappearing.
I can't have sex because of Ghaletul
by Beibhinn June 14, 2003
Disease in which one's penis falls off.
Did you see that guy? He has a severe case of Ghaletul
by fox June 12, 2003
The act of reaching nirvana, except better. Realizing that one's life is at its peack so further existence is no longer necessary.
I got ghaletuled yesterday, now that my life has reached it's peak, im gonna go kill myself.
by Adam Dreyer May 13, 2003
realizing you have the smallest schlong in the world
me have ghaletul
by nigger sex May 17, 2003
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