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a debilitating disease where your penis shrinks in size, eventually falling off or disappearing.
I can't have sex because of Ghaletul
by Beibhinn June 14, 2003
19 2
A kind of sexual perversion when one experiences severe pleasure in having sex with semi-decayed aborted ratlings covered with man's excrement.
Oh my god, i ghaletuled all day long yesterday and it was so delightful!
by He Who Knows All October 21, 2003
5 1
Disease in which one's penis falls off.
Did you see that guy? He has a severe case of Ghaletul
by fox June 12, 2003
2 3
realizing you have the smallest schlong in the world
me have ghaletul
by nigger sex May 17, 2003
2 5
The act of reaching nirvana, except better. Realizing that one's life is at its peack so further existence is no longer necessary.
I got ghaletuled yesterday, now that my life has reached it's peak, im gonna go kill myself.
by Adam Dreyer May 13, 2003
1 4