GgT is a gaming clan started in Call of Duty 2 as a breakoff from SC.

Gained recognition in Call of Duty 3 as a repeating top team in the online community. Known for being well in all different gametypes.

Games played: CoD2, CoD3, CoD4, Halo, Halo 2, Rainbow Six, Lost Planet, Gear of War

Members are identified by the I GgT I beginning to their name.

Leader: I GgT I STEVIE
Co Leaders:

Other notable players that have played for GgT:

NakedGoat, Waspi, Mini Whea7s, Matt Strong, Contra, Lynx, Mayhem, Infected, Petrarca, Teacher, Welly, Gypsy, Revenge, pheonix, ashua, legit, anarchist, marky mark, fat tire, deceazed, fear, ratzilla, davemo, savior, sintrader, d man, bluedog, sniperwolf, marty mcfly, diesl77, and others...
GgT is a top gaming team when they decide to play (which is infrequent lately lol)
by Melissa Rainwood April 24, 2009
Guaranteed Good Time An epic crew assembled to cause mayhem and debauchers fun.
Those PeeVer's are straight GGT
by ThankfullyEnlightened April 29, 2010
Guaranteed Good Time
Yo bro, you gotta come to this party, it's gonna be a G.G.T.
by Michael Curtin August 05, 2005
A slight burning sensation in your crotch, typically occurring after swimming in a warm lake.
My crotch is all GgT and stuff after swimming in that lake.
by MextNastermind May 28, 2009

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