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Saying "gross", "awwww" or "yeee" but disguised as geu.
Dude: Awwww geu, man we gotta wake up at 6:00 am tomorrow!
Other Dude: Awwww geu...
by hummerhorizon September 12, 2010
A typo of the word "heh", originated in a Finnish virtual modding IRC-channel.
"stna _>: et klo. 5:40 geu"
by Paavero August 24, 2007
The GEU is actually the Gerbal Energy Unit found in most computers dating back to the early 90's. You can check to see if this is working by picking up your modem and rattling it. If you hear squeals, it's working. If'n you hear clanking bones, time to clean out the filter...
Wow, you're computer's movin' slow. Yo, it's time you checked your GEU, holmes.
by Al February 14, 2005

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