To Get Active or Become Active
1. I needed some chips so i got active.GET ACTIVE!
2. I didnt mean thats shit broth- GET ACTIVE!
3. Dude what are you doing tonight? GETTING ACTIVE!
4. I killed some nigga cus IM ACTIVE!
5. I flee the scene but i neva eva been acted!GET ACTIVE!
by Young Mob From Tha Mob December 10, 2009
Top Definition
A phrase made popular in East Oakland which means to "be about it". Also see "Bout dat action"
When you see me in the traffic, GET ACTIVE!
by EFMOBB! October 06, 2008
Get to it,bring it
Domanic was trippin so I told him to get active
by mizzundastood July 04, 2009
to go for something... to stop sittind around do something

$$get paiddd!!$$
fuck you niggas i gottta get active.
by flappa jacka December 24, 2008
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