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An ethnocentric phrase of African American origin meaning:

1.) Taking a specific endeavor seriously and putting forth an honest and prudent effort.

2.) A call for a common mindset and elevated standard of professionalism, honor and dedication to a cause or action.

3.) Exhibiting extreme courage and bravery in times of stress or overwhelming odds.

1.) Our mid-terms are coming up soon, so you better be about it and study hard to pass.

2.) As a member of the National Association of Black Journalist, we are expected to be about it.

3.) Eventhough there have been threats of violence against our peace rally, be about it when we march.
by Q. Gip September 27, 2007
can either be a verb (to be about it) or a command (be about it). means that the person is not scared and is ready to do the act, whatever it is
v.- i'm trying to be about a gram of yayo tonight. i havent had that shit in a minute

comm.- you fucking pussy. don't talk about it, just be about it.
by fucka mother April 30, 2007
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