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The most funniest name ever
Hey gertrude!
by kmjfkejeo2345 October 08, 2008
adj. an expression of both shocked disbelief and extreme disappointment.
something outrageous and unexpected; far beyond the truth.
I went to Peaksville, Ohio and a little boy turned me into a jack-n-the-box and sent me to a cornfield for thinking bad thoughts. That was gertrude!

Barry told me the most gertrudis story about his near-death experience.
by BD Crew August 15, 2009
An elongated clitoris; so long that it dangles freely beyond the labia (or pussy-lips, if you will).
It all went Brokeback Mountain; I mean, how the hell was I supposed to know that I'd end up suckling on a gertrude. It totally fucked with my shit.
by jonmaxspatz May 25, 2007