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The most funniest name ever
Hey gertrude!
by kmjfkejeo2345 October 08, 2008
(v.) to create doubt in a proposition by insisting upon it
I always Gertrude when telling people that I think unicorns "kick ass" by first saying something like, "I don't mean to sound queer or nothin, but…"
by Dunny Osmond January 31, 2015
Nicknames are Gertie, Gurtee. Name was popular in the early 20th century.
Gertrude - A female name of Germatic descent. Means spear and strength.
by Jeffcar October 23, 2015
adj. an expression of both shocked disbelief and extreme disappointment.
something outrageous and unexpected; far beyond the truth.
I went to Peaksville, Ohio and a little boy turned me into a jack-n-the-box and sent me to a cornfield for thinking bad thoughts. That was gertrude!

Barry told me the most gertrudis story about his near-death experience.
by BD Crew August 15, 2009
An elongated clitoris; so long that it dangles freely beyond the labia (or pussy-lips, if you will).
It all went Brokeback Mountain; I mean, how the hell was I supposed to know that I'd end up suckling on a gertrude. It totally fucked with my shit.
by jonmaxspatz May 25, 2007
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