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Word that is used to describe how cool something is.
1) Wow, Jay-Z's performance was so gersh!
#gersh #cool #awesome #fun #adverb
by awesomexopossum March 22, 2010
To steal an item or form of property or in some cases replacing the item with a far less valuable item.
Even though she worked at the library, she felt the need to gersh books.
#gank #jack #steal #gursh #thievery
by MallCopThePig January 30, 2013
Creature; weird or unnatural being
Me: I like to do math at 3:30 a.m
Friend: Wow man you're such a gersh
#gersh #creature #animal #night #weird #fart
by booger face2 July 17, 2013
Used as an expression of surprise, disbelief, anger or disgust.
"Gersh! My car's been clamped.", "Gersh! I just stepped in dog poo."
by Brock McNamara October 29, 2003
A guy who usually looks nerdy, but sometimes looks cute if you catch him at the right angle and the right time.
"I'm gonna have to see him in person. Judging from his pictures, he looks like a Gersh!"

"Eww, that guy was a total Gersh!"
#related words - nerd #geek #doofus #dork #dweeb
by Christin October 08, 2006
A person who is personally offended by broad social trends and overly sensitive about unfavorable personal interactions.
Ex. 1: The dude is such a gersh. He argued with me for 15 minutes about my choice to where a skinny tie. He said it was trendy and that I would never wear it again after this year, but then seemed genuinely pissed and insecure that I went to the mall and bought one without inviting him.
#gershy #gooch #scotty #chotch #tool
by Tartuffalino November 20, 2010
Poke violently
I Gershed the chicken.
by LG January 19, 2003
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