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An illiterate's spelling of the word grenade.
Smart person: Gernade isn't a word in English, did you mean grenade?
by KnowsEnglishWell October 23, 2012
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Ugly ass girl who hangs around the hot girl your tryin to bang and just wont let you get laid
You go out and you find a chick whos smokin hot and she has a friend who is fat as hell and ugly as shit your tryin to ditch this ugly bitch all night so you can get sum but she just wont stop cock blockin you thats a Gernade a Landmine is the skinny version of a Gernade
by MMAGuido August 02, 2010
282 162
something the people on jersey shore say a lot. it means a fat-ass ugly girll
don't let thh gernade blow up near yhu bro!
by iluvyhu December 19, 2010
61 53