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adj someone that lacks culture and social grace, esp. one that exhibits rural mannerisms, habits and preferences; anything which shows a lack of taste, sophistication and demonstrates general ignorance; simple Enlgish littered with colloquialisms and mistakes esp. improper use of pronouns, contractions and incorrect verb tenses or conjugation.
Ann Lee: I made a wad of money apple pickin' this autom sic and I bought a F-150.

Michael: Ann, you are really hick. Why do you go around bragging about about performing low-skilled, repetetive jobs and driving gaz-guzzlers?

Cletus: I am taking off a week early for spring break to go hunting with my second cousins from my second mom's side.

Isabella: Oh my god, why would someone spend their spring break hunting? I don't mean to be rude, but that is completely hick.

I.e. the sign exhibits hick grammar.
by reptheother November 28, 2007
adj a person who was either born in Germany, has acquired German citizenship or was born to German parents; a term used to describe a person that displays stereotypical German characteristics such as exactness, accuracy, correctness, organization, cleanliness, planning, self discipline, extensive world knowledge, love of travel, distaste for sexism or racism, multilingual capacity, and unnatural humour.
David: Wow, can you believe Hans goes to sleep at exactly 10:00 PM every night and wakes up at 5:00 AM to go jogging?

Rudy: Obviously, he's German.
by reptheother November 29, 2007

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