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Some ogl modem scrub who thinks he owns zeffie. Zeffie says ur cut Mr. Gerin on 56k.
Gerin: I own you zeffie, ur gay.
Zeffie: Negative friend, you suck and you're straight as a crooked arrow fag.
Gerin: It's true. :(
by Matthew June 13, 2004
Some faggot that likes to suck a lot of dicks on a daily basis. His tendencies include; cock sucking, cock licking, rainbow parades, gay pride, using a fanny pack and sporting a pink polo. Please, if you ever come in contact with this blatently raging homosexual, avoid him at all costs or become victimized by his enticing offers of Jack Daniels, Gamecube and Black Dildos by bro rape.
1. Gerin: Hey man, wanna hang out and play some video games?

2. Random Straight Guy: I don't trust fags.

3. I'm not a fag, just a raging homo.

4. Whatever cock sucker, you won't bro rape me.
by zeffie April 30, 2013
A crazy girl that has forgetful tendencies. Outgoing and carefree. Loves all animals. Most of the time, a really really bad driver.
Gerin is one crazy chick!
by SpikeyIkey February 03, 2010