Gerb is a wildcard. It can be used anywhere, and in any situation. It was originated by.
I gerbed.
I have gerb.
You're gerb
My name
I went to Gerb's house
I have 7
by Gerb - J/J/C July 06, 2004
by Kakashi March 15, 2004
A cock-blocking group.
"Gerbs" A group of people that contain both men and women that prevent all men from getting with the women in that group. This is caused by a complex system of friend zones.
by Baby foods limited September 29, 2012
Short for Gerber Baby, "Gerb" means a little kid or baby.
That Gerb is so young, he's still in kindergarten.
by cornman6969 December 22, 2009
short for 'gerbang' in reference to a single person.
A goth/punk/emo who tries too hard to fit the stereotype. Mostly refers to a goth wanna-be.
That stupid Gerb was trying to impress the goth kids by showing them what she bought at Hot Topic on Friday, but they weren't impressed hahah!
by m3llyh3r01n3 January 20, 2009
Gerb defines all types of turds. Humans can be black, white, asian, whatever. Gerbs can be Jawalters, Goobacks, Cacs, Brown Nosed Mud Doves, Goobs, and many more. Gerbs flock in gaggles of 3-4 gerbs at a time. Gerbs are usually pail and make you laugh before they talk. Basically like people with Mustaches. If a gerb has a mustache he his a J-Wal or Superturd.
That gerb just sharted and is still sitting in class. WTF
by Brown Nosed Mud Dove October 28, 2009
Slang for someone with a small penis.
Yo that nig got the gerb.
by Beasy16 October 30, 2010

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