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Gerb defines all types of turds. Humans can be black, white, asian, whatever. Gerbs can be Jawalters, Goobacks, Cacs, Brown Nosed Mud Doves, Goobs, and many more. Gerbs flock in gaggles of 3-4 gerbs at a time. Gerbs are usually pail and make you laugh before they talk. Basically like people with Mustaches. If a gerb has a mustache he his a J-Wal or Superturd.
That gerb just sharted and is still sitting in class. WTF
by Brown Nosed Mud Dove October 28, 2009
The act or art of being one Will 'Gerbs' Rathburger. Also akin to being large furry smelly rodent with a distinct love of burgers, bitches, and reality.
Ders: Hey, have you seen gerbs?

TB: Nah, last i heard he was gerbil jousting

Ders: Again? That guy is such a big dirty sloppy fagface

TB: I know, tell me about it
by king gerbil jouster March 10, 2013
One gram of marijuana
Yo im just gonna buy a gerb to smoke
by Tre-Deuce October 18, 2006
verb - while physically a grown man, you're far more likely to state the obvious as a child would. Also apt to make pollyanna religious statements.

- um, the sun is really bright and hurts my eyes. Shut up, Gerb.
- um, isn't this a really beautiful day god has given us today?
by the Dude abides August 20, 2014
to involuntarily expel a beverage that is in one's mouth in reaction to a startling, usually humorous, event.
When he said that, I totally gerbed all over my shirt.
by Sprout February 09, 2004
A word Defined by 2 High school students referring to a guy with a relatively small penis. The term "Gerb" is short for Gerber. Gerber is used as a baby food brand name. Therefore, Gerb means a person with a Baby sized Dick.
Person A. Why is that kid so down and depressed?
Person B. Oh him? I heard he got that Gerb.

Person with Gerb: "I got that Big Meat!"
Associates: "Shut up Gerb."
by Some kid in High School May 25, 2012
Redundant skin and subcutaneous fat at the lateral aspect of the abdomen. Love handles. Especially when most noticeable from behind. Originally derived from an individual surnamed "Gerber" who exemplified this as his most prominent feature.
Eating all these buffalo wings is going to give me gerbs.

That girl's gerbs are hanging over her pants.
by bm#2 January 01, 2010
gamer + nerd
Gerbs love xbox more than girls
by classy knight January 27, 2013