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A legend at Travian. He doesn't take anyones shit and many people respect and hate him at the same time. The haters are just jealous because they can not be him.
Ascension has a massive army
Ascension just ripped the shit out of an entire alliance himself
#ascension #god #travian #heldenhammer #jv
by Heldenhammer February 24, 2010
Used to describe one of the greatest Power metal bands in the UK, also of the same name Ascension
" Hey, are you going to the Ascension gig tonight? "
" YES! who isnt? "
#ascension #power metal #aberdeen #scotland #folk
by power_metal September 15, 2008
An erection that is holy.
When a priest/rabbi/other religious figure has an erection, they have an ascension.

"Ha ha, he got an ascension on the altar."
#boner #hard-on #priest #rabbi #jew
by Shmonor May 21, 2008
A super gay school located in burlington ontario. its super ghetto and is found on top of a duct-tape factory. The teachers are extremely shitty and nobody will be a supply teacher for the big kids. If you are planning on sending your kiddos to Ascension they will most likely learn to be a slut and have no good teachers ever.
"Lol, you sent your kids to Ascension?"

"haahaa sucks for them!"
#school #shit #duct #tape #ascn #gay
by imcoolerdanyou November 22, 2013
wonderful place fun of magical trolls and old men live in the tRrees. and all the inhabitants love each other and never want to leave
by camille April 24, 2003
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