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Geowinning is winning at Geology. It involves understanding bad boys such as stereonets, murdering geological histories and memorising minerals like Garnets and Quartz.
Denise Major Dutch Jones: "Cam - what are you putting on your cheat sheet? I am putting instructions on how to do a stereonet, gotta get full marks for them bad boys haha"

Cameron Piper "im pretty much doing 3/4 of a page on feldspars and garnets gotta own those bad boys up :) another 1/2 on interpreting stereonets and then throw in some stuff on how to ID minerals. just going to bs my way through a geo history so wont bother throwing any of that stuff on there."

Denise Major Dutch Jones: "Dude I think we are kindred spirits Cam, I am doing exactly the same! ♥ cheat sheets!"

Cameron Piper: "fuck yeah we win at life!"

Denise Major Dutch Jones: "Geowinning!!!"
by Dee_dawg November 19, 2011
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