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Geostashing is similar to Geocaching, the only difference is your treasure is a secretly hidden stash of dank bud. Aww yeah! The location can easily be pinpointed using or any similar "site or app" The Golden Rule applies as well. "After finding such valuable gift, you must leave something of equal or greater value" (Usually a different strain) Leaving a greater value makes you a "GoodGuyGreg" leaving nothing or schawg makes you a "Scumbag (your name)"
The term was coined in an r/trees thread.
Hey fellow Ents here's another Geostashing mission for those in the Denver area, if anyone is interested the coordinates are "********" I left some Sour Diesel under a boulder next to the Deku Tree. If you meet the troll, the password is swordfish.
by Enjoyitbeforeitsover September 09, 2011
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