i think someone once told me a Geoff is a pirate oppossum with 6 legs that is a crew member of most serpentine space vessels. They're astrophysicists most of the time...but not usually. They have a diet of mostly girraffe eggs and rhinocerous bladders and are none too pleasant to speak with if you just happen to be a fucking dumbass...they eat those bagels heads like licorice...chocolate licorice.
Unicorns and Bagels are the shit!
by BeAverHed June 22, 2005
1: botch: make a mess of, destroy or ruin
2: heat up: make more intense;
3: A prison guard
4: An old broken-down horse
5: A stingy or crafty bargainer
"Wow Loryn, way to Geoff that Up!"
"I Geoff'ed the dinner and we had to eat out"
"the pianist Geoff'ed up the difficult passage in the second movement"
"Emotions were Geoff'ed up"
"you're so Geoffing lame"
by bigflip4days January 01, 2010
1.) To lie to someone or about something while convincing yourself you are right even though you are completely full of shit

2.) To be a loser, queer, or moron
person 1: "Hey did you know that when you have your wisdom teeth removed they insert a tiny piece of dynamite inside of your gums and explode the tooth from within?"

person 2: "Get the fuck out of here with that shit, what are you trying to Geoff me or something. Quit being such a Geoff all the time you faggot."
by Hubert.Cumberdale December 21, 2009
A nerdy kid who wants to be a gangster rapper.
1: Oh no, it's Geoff.
2: HAHA! It's that nerd that wanted to be gangster!
1: oh yeah. Haha!
by Roanze December 27, 2006
a man who hasnt admitted his gay sexuality yet, but fucks guys in the ass and is really obnoxious looking
"That kid Geoff, his face makes me just want to punch it out"
by mccracka2232 April 27, 2009
Another word for "this guy". Usually looks like a bear and has a beard that can be used for a cat scratch post. Hair like Flock of Seagulls in the morning. DAYUUUUMMMM
Wow, you look like a sex zombie/bear. On second throught, you look just like a geoff.
by NarcoStripper January 30, 2008
v. (geoffs, geoffing, geoffed)

To destroy, make foul, create disgust, annoy, to walk disorderly while putting much emphasis on pounding heels, wash poorly

Antonyms: saunter, exercise, deflation
Who just geoffed the bathroom!?

Wow! It looks like that guy just got done eating a powdered donut... talk about geoffing it today!

If he geoffs one more of my mom's kitchen floor tiles, the pink sock might just be his demise...

I sure wish they would quit geoffing by just to geoff; everything is still geoffed from last time!!
by Rev. RUN December 16, 2006

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