Taking a really long crap at work to the point people ask if you left for the day.
Where did you go?
I was taking a Geoff..

I'm going to Geoff it up!
by Dueses September 07, 2012
jacking off, especially when your name is Geoff.
Geoff ge-offs on Ben's face while he's sleeping.
by Ishmael Jr. December 16, 2007
The act of jacking off when your name is Geoff or Jeff. Can also be used as an adjective for a male named Jeff or Geoff who is a jerk and asshole.
"You're being a Ge-off"
"That's Geoff, yes he's masterbating, actually he's Ge-offing"
"Man, I gotta go Ge-off"
by heidibags September 17, 2007
when you are referring to someone named geoffrey or jeffrey or jeffery in a negative tone of voice
Who's going to dinner?

by chuntastic19 December 08, 2014
A Name Given to large women.
Giant Enormous Overweight Fat Fucker
i cant believe you got with that Geoff ( G.E.O.F.F)last night mate, that was grim
by pandapinda April 02, 2013
Geoff, also known as dogshit. May come across as competent until you get to know him. Ambition often outweighs his ability, the term Geoff has been used since the 16th century to descretely describe incompetent supervisors performing duties above their capabilities. Has a tiny dick, but believes it is bigger and more powerful than everyone elses. Loves to gargle cum.
16th century - "hey claudius, i think maximus is a real Geoff"
Modern day - "holy shit dude, this useless bastard is a real Geoff, lets dick his coffee cup.
by Maark75 December 06, 2012
(v.) To take and consume someone else's unattended, partially consumed alcoholic beverage.
Yo, somebody totally geoffed my beer.

Yo, somebody totally geoffed my wine.

Hey, dude, can you watch my beer? I don't want it to get geoffed.
by heyslagsyougoingouttonight? March 25, 2011

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