To cock-block someone even when you have no chance of hitting that yourself.

Also a noun: "geoff," someone who geoffs someone else.
I was just about to go upstairs with the supermodel when he swept in and geoffed me.

He is such a geoff; I was going to tap that and then he cock-blocked me.
by RickSlick69 December 15, 2010
Possibly the greatest guy ever, he has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is the best friend you could ask for!! He's pretty short, but has a great sense of humor about it. He is also really sick minded, but can be serious when he needs to be. Harbours an obsession with Rainbowdash from MLPFiM, and hates pinkie pie. He's sweet, generous, really smart, fun to be around and easy to crush on!

Also used as a definition of; Jacking off, or the art of hinting at a perverted version of anything and everything.
"I think I'm in love with Geoff!"
"Oh, hells no, bitch! Geoff's MY man!"
by #swagyolo17 May 03, 2013
Synonymous with the word douche.
Looks and acts like Scott Disick.
Has amazing hair yet claims he doesn't do a thing to it.
Too skinny and wears incredibly short shorts.
Attracts pre-pubescent girls at Wal*Mart and procedes to hit on them.
Pretty much a waste of space.
Great, that just looks like a Geoff...
See douche
by drummergirl marie April 05, 2011
A ginger; often attracted to orange or, to a lesser extent, red.
Shouldn't go out in the sun for too long.
You look terrible in Geoff.
by Kittykatra February 05, 2010
a horny crazed man...looking for moms...has a gigantic head...and his code word is sweden
by huey hueyardson February 04, 2009
a guy that is known to have repeated sexual with women that commonly exceed his own personal weight. The girls, frequently mistaken for gorillas, geoff's victims can be found near all food sources.
guy1:Dude, did you just see how fat that bitch was?

guy2:holy shit, only geoff would hit that!

guy1:yea, prolly.
by boss hog2 March 02, 2010
A non-offensive term replacing an expletive in a statement.
"you big geoff", "geoff off", "what the geoff was that for, you whupasaurus?!?"
by megahorse November 30, 2009

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