1.) To lie to someone or about something while convincing yourself you are right even though you are completely full of shit

2.) To be a loser, queer, or moron
person 1: "Hey did you know that when you have your wisdom teeth removed they insert a tiny piece of dynamite inside of your gums and explode the tooth from within?"

person 2: "Get the fuck out of here with that shit, what are you trying to Geoff me or something. Quit being such a Geoff all the time you faggot."
by Hubert.Cumberdale December 21, 2009
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a man who hasnt admitted his gay sexuality yet, but fucks guys in the ass and is really obnoxious looking
"That kid Geoff, his face makes me just want to punch it out"
by mccracka2232 April 27, 2009
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Geoff, also known as dogshit. May come across as competent until you get to know him. Ambition often outweighs his ability, the term Geoff has been used since the 16th century to descretely describe incompetent supervisors performing duties above their capabilities. Has a tiny dick, but believes it is bigger and more powerful than everyone elses. Loves to gargle cum.
16th century - "hey claudius, i think maximus is a real Geoff"
Modern day - "holy shit dude, this useless bastard is a real Geoff, lets dick his coffee cup.
by Maark75 December 06, 2012
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(v.) To take and consume someone else's unattended, partially consumed alcoholic beverage.
Yo, somebody totally geoffed my beer.

Yo, somebody totally geoffed my wine.

Hey, dude, can you watch my beer? I don't want it to get geoffed.
by heyslagsyougoingouttonight? March 25, 2011
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A Name Given to large women.
Giant Enormous Overweight Fat Fucker
i cant believe you got with that Geoff ( G.E.O.F.F)last night mate, that was grim
by pandapinda April 02, 2013
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A ginger; often attracted to orange or, to a lesser extent, red.
Shouldn't go out in the sun for too long.
You look terrible in Geoff.
by Kittykatra February 05, 2010
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Another word for "this guy". Usually looks like a bear and has a beard that can be used for a cat scratch post. Hair like Flock of Seagulls in the morning. DAYUUUUMMMM
Wow, you look like a sex zombie/bear. On second throught, you look just like a geoff.
by NarcoStripper January 30, 2008
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