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any loryn is never boring because her name is spelled pretty frikin cool
whos this?

THats so Loryn!
by ao;ihfdasifgbrdjsfhisk, February 18, 2009
a beautiful person inside and out,
always there for her friends,
always put other people before herself,
makes stupid desicions but you love her anyway,
the most amazing girl anyone could ever meet,
I love you and always will :)
by khjhgdfrhrtghik December 21, 2011
Someone that is beyond boss status. Someone that does not give a fuck about anything and everyone likes him. He gets all the females and is the nicest dude around. Hang out with him just one day and your life will change (positively).

Named after the guy from Montgomery County, MD.
"Dawg, Seth Rogen is a Loryn"
by PopperTop January 08, 2014

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