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The most gangster pokemon alive. He has no legs, but he doesn't need them, only arms. One for slappin' bitches, and one for countin' money.
"Is Geodude gonna have to mud-slap a bitch?"
by The Salt December 17, 2009
the most annoying pokemon that keeps popping up when you're going through a cave.
it sucks ass but it still wants to fight your godlike pokemons.
"fuck.. another geodude."
by ChEeZeBurGeR February 20, 2008
Pokemon #074.
Type: Rock.
Element: Rock/Ground.
Height: 1' 4"
Weight: 44 lbs.
Found in fields and mountains. Mistaking them for boulders, people often step or trip on them.
Geodude, I choose you!
by Lord of the Farce April 07, 2004
A midget who has had his or her legs amputated.
Misty: So I was hiking through Mt. Moon yesterday, and this midget with no legs crawled up to me and tried to start a fight!
Ash: fucking Geodudes, they just won't leave you alone...
by FleaSlapper January 23, 2012
somebody who cant catch a ball like a football or baseball
nice catch.... geodude
he is such a geodude he couldnt catch aids in africa
by bigchebo October 08, 2011
A rock hard penis, that which is so rigid that children can attach a swing to it.
So this one time I was in the frozen food section and I totally got a Geodude because your grandma was there.
by Dat Ash January 18, 2013
A curly rang attending North Sydney Girls High. Evolves into Graveler at age 21
"Geodude, look! Your in the photo!"
by Kar10s May 11, 2009

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