An adjective that means really cool or awesome. It's antonym is lit, which means lame and it originated in G12.
Mr. Domenico is soo Geo.
by Sofykins January 10, 2010
Grammar Enforcement Officer

Also known as grammar nazis, the grammar police, and sometimes 'The Grammar Hammer.'
Person 1:
hi lol

Person 2:
Sir, I am a GEO and I am going to have to place you under arrest. Also, there will be a cavity search.
by Sicariphus January 17, 2010
An obese girl who is too big to be considered just another whale. Named for a body weight similar in size to a small car. This girl probably consumes ridiculous amount of alcohol to sustain her weight. A "geo" doesn't seem to care about her weight and does nothing in an attempt to reduce it. Often seen with a ridiculously huge male counterpart.
Did Kayla gain more weight? She is such a geo.

Look at that tool try to hit on that geo.

I went to school at uwp but that geo is the biggest I've seen.
by$ February 28, 2011
a nickname for a girl named Georgia or Georgina. an awesome chick with tons of friends.
"hey whats up, geo?!"
"geo, you're so hot"
by 679326 November 07, 2006
A very cool guy who makes other guys jealous because all the girls want his body. Also known as a smart guy with a very large member.
Hot Chick: OMG! I hope Geo notices me.
Hot Chick's stupid boyfriend: Dammit, there went my girl. Maybe I'll call him a faggot because I'm a stupid jock who can't add.
by Jenny1 October 12, 2004
Word that describes someone who makes bad life decisions that result in easily avoidable consequences; An idiot of sorts;
"Wow man, way to be a Geo. You really fucked that one up."
by SnapCracklePoo November 04, 2015
1. When you get between 35-40% on your physics Diploma /Final.
2. When you have the worst/lowest outcome out of your friends and there is noticeable gap of success between you and your friends.
3.The act of celebrating the completion of an exam or midterm with large consumptions of alcohol and clubbing.
1.Person A: Guys! I got 38% on my physics 30 final.
Person B:(laughing) Dude. You pulled a Geo.

2.Person A: Man, I only got C+ in Chemistry. How about you guys?
Person B:(smiling) B! How about you?
Person C:Ummmm. I got a F.....
Person A&B:(laughing) Geoooo'd!

3.Person A: (holding 2 beers) We graduated boys! Let's go to Oil City and celebrate!!

Everybody: Lets get Geo'd!!!
by Bruniyogurt May 24, 2011

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