GEO is the name of a cutting-edge ring design that was first introduced by London jewellery designer Stephen Einhorn in 2001. The GEO ring is either a round or square shaped ring that features a central strip of wood or precious metal sandwiched between two outer slabs of contrasting metals including titanium, silver, gold or platinum. Each section of the ring is held together by a series of metal rivets or pins that are driven through the sides of the ring and feature as a decorative detail.
Christian Slater wears a GEO ring
by Sunny London October 08, 2007
Refers to the prefix in Geography. Meaning cool, awesome, or great.
AP Human Geography is Geo
by V. Picone November 18, 2006
a safe brer from london who gets bare chicks andf puts up wiv 2 much shit. who sed it was a gallis?
oh look, its dat buff Geo brer....
by geo March 26, 2005
a person thought of by close friends as an 'outcast'. a geo is often seen by himself circling trash cans and brushing his teeth with a skunk
person 1 "i feel sorry for geo"
person 2 "shutup he is a wankster"
by Parteebuoy March 28, 2004
A greasy longhaired spotty fool who when you know your in the terse you blame no matter how blatant it was your fault.
p1 "oy Chris did you make that bombfire of splints "

p2 "no it was geo"
by Blockhead March 29, 2004
smelly, ugly mo-fo with hair like its been washed in chip fat.
fuck off you ugly geo
by Bob March 27, 2004
He is a retarded little midget who thinks he is the shiznit just because gets in trouble a lot. He is about the height of an acorn and just as stupid and he likes the cock.
Go to hell u fucking geo.
by Edwin Guerrero March 18, 2003

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