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A bad ass, a legend, a warrior. An interventionist. A role-model, a leader. The greatest of beings.
Person A : Hey man what were you up to today?
Person B : I was too busy being Geno.
by Genormous May 07, 2013
12 3
He is a doll that was empowered by a star spirit in a Super Mario game called Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Geno totally ass-raped Bowser there...i mean shit!
by MastaPo June 14, 2004
148 102
An absolute snipe, just an unbelievably sick shot picking short-side bar south, or popping the water bottle. A hockey term
Oh! that was a sick shot, he genoed him.

Sniping Genos.
by J_D_18 January 26, 2012
37 2
A follower of the gray path which leads to the gray light.
wow, thos geno sure are enlightened, thy they follow the path and embrace the cowbell.
by obli October 03, 2003
152 118
One of the main characters in Super Mario RPG for the SNES. He is a doll possessed by a spirit from Star Road. His real name is ♥♪!?, but its hard to pronounce, so he goes by the doll's name. He is an "overpowered" character.
Dude, I just got Geno on SMRPG! He's friggin awesome!
by Lolwutasaurus Xer April 19, 2009
64 32
Geno's is an excellant philly cheesesteak vendor located in South Philadelphia. They sell one of the best cheesesteaks you'll ever taste, 'nuff said. You also need to order it in a special way, don't ask for a cheesesteak when that's the only thing they have, because they obviously have it. Don't be a fucking idiot. Look to the example on how to order a "cheesesteak with cheesewhiz and no onions or peppers."
When going to Geno's, ask for;

I'll take a "whiz without". or...

I'll take a "provolone with".
by TonyTheBoss June 17, 2009
11 0
Pure awsomeness
were you a Geno when you were born?
by warigi October 24, 2008
47 37