a genious
" I am a geno"
by booth94 January 24, 2009
another name for a black man within the limits of atlanta and its numerous suburbs
Oh yeah tht muthafucka is my geno dawg.
by Baracka Flocka Flames May 13, 2011
An expression of happiness, victory, and anything that stands for good.
You are golfing and score a hole in one. Geno!!!
by Alex Sieberkrob September 23, 2007
to not inhale ciggarettes or weed. this word can also be used when someone is faking their drunk or high
dude your not drunk. your definitely pulling a geno
by smokeweedallday May 20, 2008
A fuckin' crazy ninja from Super Mario RPG.
Geno Whirl ownz all other attacks.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
A racist slur for people of the Caucasian descent. Significance to the word is to be illustrated by multiple examples of "Genocide."
"Look at that Geno, thanks to his kind the Government is now a corrupt and evil society."
by C-Loco June 29, 2012
A geno is someone obsessed with cars, and rims, and they are mostly are free loading portugese, indian, african american, and italian. These obviously, are over obsessed with the fact they are from those countries but do not realize why they immigrated here.
Most examples of what genos say are,
1) "Yo guy you see that Paris Hilton in her car? Shes got
some sick rims!"
2) "Yo guy you got a smoke"
3) "Yo guy wanna put some rims on that lawn mower?"
4) "Yo guy wanna play soccer?"
5) "Yo guy wanna play some more soccer?"
6) "Yo guy wanna put some rims on that soccer ball?"
7) "Yo guy why isnt there a commandment for dum people being on earth?"
8) "Yo guy?"
by Zodiac Killer May 23, 2006

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