A spammer. When you have a new message in your inbox from someone that shows they like you or wants to hook up badly, and you reply back creating a mild conversation. After a while, if you don’t read and reply back on time according to the person, the person sends you a new one. You reply to the newest message ultimately picking up where u left off from the other message but the person, a dumbass will you, keeps messaging you using both message windows blowing up your inbox-usually on myspace. Or, they repeatedly send you a message if you read it and not reply or don’t reply at all.
Linda: Hold on I’m checking my myspace
Karol: Omg…if you get a message from ‘Pete 360’ don’t read it!
Linda: Why?
Karol: He’s crazy and keeps pulling a goddamn geno-my inbox is full of his profile pic!
by Newport-813 April 16, 2008
Sketchy or weird. Can also be used as a verb, noun, or adjective.
That party is geno, i dont want to go it might get busted.

I can't want to be geno tomorrow.

He was so geno.
by twoodgurl4life July 10, 2008
(n) a super-cool half-Italian guy who likes to play all sports, but especially tennis. He's a lot stronger than he looks and is NOT a nerd. He also makes a good friend and likes hot girls. Heh, heh, allright.
Zack - Hey, Geno, what's the derivative of that serve?
Geno - Your face.
a man who puts his hands over your seat on the buss. aka the "hand man"
"OMG geno is so fuckign anoying his hand is practically petting my hair!"
To defecate involuntarily.
Little Girl: Lalalala. Yaaaay! *gastrointestinal sounds* WAAAHHHHH!!! MOOMMMMMYYY!!
by McPeePants August 30, 2003
A Fag that hangs around in RO
by catherine bell July 29, 2003

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