The most perfect person to have ever lived. Her beauty can't be measured by any human standard. Her smile is full of purity and kindness. Her eyes are filled with hope and see only the best in people, even if no one else can. Her heart is filled with compassion and love, witch is incapable of hating anyone. She is the origin of all that is good in this world.
Damn that girl is beautiful.
Yeah man she is a total Genevieve.
by women@lover January 28, 2013
The best person in the world to be around. loves to be loved. Also an amazing French name.
Guy 1: Wow that person is so fun to be around.
Guy:2 That's because she's a Genevieve
by anonymous awesomeness June 10, 2011
A badass girl gamer ;)
"Hey who won the game?"
"Obviously it's Genevieve."
by Hi I'm Jason February 12, 2014
A very deep and complicated girl who really cares about her friends. She may not see the world the way most see it. She is also extremely good at everything she does, but is still modest. Her eyes shine like there's no tomorrow. Her smile will take your breath away. Everyone loves a Genevieve for her charm and kindness. Overall, one of the most amazing and inspiring people you will ever meet. Also known as Genny.
Person A: Woah, who is that amazing chick?
Genny's best friend: That's Genevieve. Everyone loves her. Just get to know her and you will too :)
by Me x1000 May 28, 2011
A vegan piece of shit
"Genevieve, what are you doing eating chicken!?!" "I have my cheat days. "
by Joe Makin March 23, 2014
A girl who is very blonde and slow to catch on to hints, this sometimes causes them to do/say things that make them look stupid
example 1 -

Brunette: Hey, why are you so blonde
Genevieve: I'm not why are you so blonde?!
Brunette: ...
Genevieve: ... Wait no!

example 2 -
Genevieve: I think my dog, James, is pregnant! His belly has grown a lot!
Boy: You're dog, James, who is a boy is pregnant?

Genevieve: ...Wait no!
by Getwiththefro April 24, 2011
A female name given to extremely silly people.
Bob: That girl is such a big sillyhead!
Billy: Yeah she is! I bet her name is Genevieve!
by satanspawningdeath August 24, 2008

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