A chemical brain disorder that causes one to worry about everything, even things they don't particularly care about. Also causes one to not be able to relax properly. Most people do not take this disorder seriously, even though it is very serious and can cause a lot of problems in a sufferer's life.
Me: I have to tell you something.. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and it's ruining my life.
Friend: Oh. So what'd you buy Suzie for her Birthday?
Me: Uh I just told you I have a fucking anxiety disorder.
Friend: Yeah, I worry about stuff a lot too. So anyway about the party?
Me: -_-
by whatwhatwhat77 March 04, 2012
Top Definition
A mental illness that involves excessive, exaggerated anxiety and worry about everyday life events. It differs from regular anxiety in the way that little worries are over analyzed to the point of a possible anxiety attack which is very similar to a panic attack.

Some symptoms are:
ongoing worry
unrealistic view of problems
difficultly concentrating
being easily startled

"I wasn't able to finish my paper because I saved it until the last minute and I had an anxiety attack because I have generalized anxiety disorder."
by Syren Summers April 23, 2007
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